You’re all registered and excited to go, now let’s talk about what to bring!

When we asked veteran what people should pack, here’s what they said:

  • toy bag
  • desire tank
  • beach towel
  • straw fedora
  • kilt and boots
  • sunscreen
  • swimsuit??? doubtful. LOL.
  • lounging comfy cool clothes
  • stuff for the swap/sell
  • yoga mat
  • water bottle
  • flip flops
  • lipbalm
  • extra hair ties
  • Keep cool towel… yes they work
  • Umbrella or parasol to guard against sun rays
  • Electrolyte tablets if you cant drink or dont like gatorade because water is not enough to keep you properly hydrated
  • Notify hospitality or at least one other person if you have diabetes etc
  • Bring fruit. Apples especially. Yes lunch and dinner is served but as you will exert a lot of energy and it will be hot… hot…hot….. keep your energy level up
  • Buy a desire towel or two or bring at least 2 beach towels to cover hot seats or as a layer of protection wherever you sit especially if you are not wearing panties
  • Flip flops the ground gets hot. It may be wet near the pool or other places…lol
  • Sunglasses…. get cheap throwaway with uv rating cause they get lost easily and you may need your prescription glasses for the drive home
  • Cheap calling cards… with your name and contact info to give to those you want to keep in touch with
  • Coloring book for when you need to wind down or destress
  • Books if you are a reader
  • Knee pads if you tend to stay on your knees

What’s on your packing list for DESIRE? Let us know in the comments.