UPDATED 12.26.19

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We’re asking everyone to volunteer at least 1 hour in 20120. 


Volunteers who would like to receive a discount for working 4-12 hours may sign up by clicking on here 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 DESIRE Weekend! We are excited to have you join us and appreciate your help in making the event run smoothly (and with a lot of fun) each year! All the FAQ stuff is below, so please take a minute to review this information before you enter the volunteer signup page.

*Please note, schedules for some areas are likely to shift as the full event schedule is finalized.  


Discounts for volunteering:

You will receive $10 off for every hour you volunteer from 4 hours up to 12 hours. 

After you complete the volunteer form, you will receive a link to register

Discount is based on the current registration package price.

Read the volunteer position descriptions to make sure you are up for the tasks involved. We value you and your wellness. Please sign up for shifts you feel capable of doing.

Please only sign up for the shifts you feel excited about showing up for! If you’re more of a night owl, we’re excited about seeing you on a late night security rather than trying to pour coffee into you for an early morning check-in shift.

Pick your shifts for the number of hours you want to work. We recommend you pick the same area each time, since by Sunday no one has much of a brain left for learning new things!

Volunteer Positions:

On-site Crew – You will NEED to get permission from Sarge before selecting this position – Contact her at sargeimsl2015@gmail.com   This position would report to Sarge and her assistant and would be a weekend commitment (Friday 8am until Monday 10am. The team will consist of 8 people and would be run in rotating shifts with the expectation that a couple of times a day an “all hands on deck” may be needed.  May include filling shifts for other areas such as security, registration, hospitality, and clean-up, water filling, ice getting, emptying trash, bathrooms and DM kits, morning clean up, space set up and prep the play spaces.  This dedicated team will have a separate calendar through gmail that we’ll use for the weekend to coordinate who will be on shift and when.  Please also be available for two phone calls prior to the event to coordinate with Sarge and her assistant.

Registration helping check folk in for the event is a GREAT way to get to know everyone as they come in. It helps our registration team keep the line flowing and is an easy way to be involved.

Food Service  helps our meal staff prepare, serve, and clean up after lunches and/or dinner. You’re help here would be greatly appreciated. You may have to help with light lifting, if this is where you would like to help out please be prepared to lift up to 30lbs (ice for the coolers is probably the heaviest thing you’ll life but just in case)  

Set up/ Tear Downassist with load in and out of equipment and setup and tear down of equipment at the venue or in San Diego

Securitychecking wristbands as folks come and go.

Runner- tasks as needed


Volunteer FAQ

You must be registered and paid in full by May 24th 2020 or you will be dropped from the volunteer list and will have to pay full price for entry. For full event FAQs, click here.

What if I fail to report to my assigned shift? You will either need to make up the shift or will be charged the rate difference at the highest price.

Your commitment to volunteer is valuable and important. DESIRE is dependent on its volunteers for it’s success and we will do everything we can to help you be successful as a volunteer. When a volunteer doesn’t show up to an assigned shift, it makes things a lot more difficult for a lot of folks.

What if I need to change my shifts?

Once class and event schedules are released you might want to change your shifts. You can go back to Volunteer Local and update your schedule. https://desire.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/ 

How is the discount applied?

After you complete the volunteer form, you will receive a link to register with the correct amount to pay.

If you already paid in full, you will receive a partial refund via PayPal.

As we get closer to the event you will hear from us about your specific schedule.  Once it is set, we’ll do our best not to move you around, but sometimes the event schedule shifts or we find we have a hole we need to fill. We appreciate your flexibility.

Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you.