Are you Ready!?  We are soooo excited!  It’s all coming together- a little slower than we wanted, but it’s happening finally!  



All DESIRE attendees are asked to complete a minimum of one 1-hour volunteer shift and we THANK YOU! Your contribution is extremely valued and honored.

DESIRE attendees who commit to minimum of 5, 10, or 15 hours of volunteering, will receive a discount on their event ticket.  Within 1 week of your completion of this volunteerlocal registration you’ll receive a discount (if you’ve already registered) or a discount code to register. 

Minimum of 5 hours = 25% off ticket

Minimum of 10 hours = 50% off ticket

Minimum of 15 hours = 75% off ticket

If you are on STAFF or a PRESENTER please do NOT use this form for ANY REASON AT ALL!  Your shifts are with your coordinator. 


The physical and Social scale is intended to help those that have challenges in these areas to determine the best place for themselves to volunteer.

The ratings will be found inside the job descriptions

5 is lifting and carrying heavy items. Vigorous activities tend to make you “huff and puff.” Some examples include running, swimming laps, or training for sports such as netball or soccer.
4 is some lifting Moderate, Involves walking or moving around quite a lot, and activities that involve some bursts of heavy work, e.g., vacuuming,
3 is mild, predominantly standing or walking, Includes some walking and moving around or active work, e.g., light domestic chores, production line, handyman work, light gardening, lawn bowls, golf, strolling, walking at an average pace
2 is light sedentary activity and seated work with some need for occasional walking or standing.
1 is sedentary gentle activity and seated work, this of playing cards, typing, driving a vehicle, sewing, handcrafts, writing

5- Heavily social, speaking in public meetings, lots of people
4- Moderately social greeting and welcoming people
3 – light social interactions
2- limited social interaction with just a few people
1-work alone or only with a few set known people


Would you be interested in being a paid or volunteer ASL interpreter? 



If so contact us at or use the form below

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